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High Performance Doors with Maximum Up-Time

TNR Doors' tough door solutions are perfect for fast paced and rugged work environments, thanks to their unique design and technology. Downtime is virtually eliminated no matter what kind of impact these doors receive. This makes a TNR door ideal for industries, including mining, automotive, steel, cold storage and many more.

High Performance Doors for Extra Large Openings

Impact and wind load resistance are just what you need for your extra large door. With a sleek profile, easy installation, reduced clearances and minimal maintenance, their Extra Large Rubber Roll-Up Doors are perfect for various heavy industries.

Reduce Your Energy Bill & Increase Your Savings

TNR's Chillfast, High Speed Freezer doors will not only increase efficiency thanks to its quick opening and closing speeds, but it will also decrease energy costs. This door features a PVC insulated curtain that’s resistant to extreme temperatures; ideal for food processing facilities and logistic services.

Why TNR Doors?

To businesses that need heavy duty, dependable doors, TNR Industrial Doors provides a new generation of custom industrial rubber doors that provide best-in-class performance and energy savings. Thanks to the TNR team’s combined history and experience, they provide outstanding design, production, delivery and service.

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